Tuesday, April 12, 2005

oh, didn't think you'd wanna go

I get along well with co-workers... People come by my grey cotton-walled prison to laugh and exchange a few well-placed insults about supervisors. Some of them want to hang out with me after work. I think those are some good signs. Everything is happy-go-lucky. Or it was, until -

There's a guy, Gary, who I work with and it seems like we have a good time. Sure, he can be a little awkward and occasionally inept, but for the most part I think our relationship is smoother than Shaft (shut yo' mouth!) One day, I noticed that he was waiting for another coworker so they could leave together, but trying really hard not to make it obvious. I left for the day but had to come back since I forgot something, only to see him nervously shifting when he saw me. He looked like deer in the headlights, silent as a mouse. Funny, he's usually a font of nonstop information. I never asked about it.

Then today, the coworker herself stopped by to ask at quitting time whether I'd like to shoot some pool. Already having made plans I graciously declined and she did the obligatory "aww". Then she turned to Gary and said "I'll wait for you outside."

I thought salaciously.

Seeing as how he was no more than 2 feet away from me - the man is constantly rimming my personal space boundaries. But he's not as bad as some other people so I can't complain. Anyway, wanting to understand his sudden need for secrecy -

"Going somewhere with her?" I asked in my indoor voice.
No answer.

"Hey Gary, are you shooting pool with her?" I asked wondering maybe if indoor voice needed to be louder. Worse than getting a lie is to actually have my question ignored.
No answer.

"Hey Gary, ARE YOU SHOOTING POOL WITH HER?" I screamed in a decidedly outdoor voice struggling to maintain the casual buddy tone that I started off with.
a sigh and then
"Oh I didn't think you like pool!" he finally answered.

Ho hum little buddy could you have answered in a more tension-filled manner? Let me break this down for y'all one time. 1) This is most important- I have no attraction to him. 2) I don't think these two like each other 3) There is no need for secrecy. No one cares politically speaking.
4) Why the assumption that I'm asking why I wasn't invited? * I already declined anyway*

But that very response on his part has now made me So Paranoid. He obviously meant to shut me out. Now I've been rejected from the "cool" crew without even knowing that I'd want to join!
Shit, I wish that I was invited to play pool or that the cheerleaders would finally say hi to me!