Friday, March 25, 2005

Terri Schiavo’s story just completely ruined my TGIF buzz.

The husband and the relatives are at odds with each other, both with their own fairly valid stances.

Husband’s point: She would never have wanted to be kept alive like THIS!!
Who really wants to be the equivelant of some lifeless shell only considered “alive” technically because most of your vital organs are artificially nourished by some tube. I find it difficult to think about and even a little sickening. Of course the husband doesn’t want to see her like this. She was a beautiful woman, if you can’t tell from her pictures, at least look at her family members. Vibrant wife becomes vacuous vegetable: must be pretty tough. In fact, with the conviction that she would be repulsed at the idea of being kept alive like, living this nightmare would be a travesty to your wife’s memory. It would be a perversion wouldn’t it? Even if she was somehow in there, trapped in a body incapable of moving, talking, eating, defecating, wouldn’t she be screaming, pleading for death?

Blood Relative’s point: You can’t starve my daughter/sister to death and Hey stop killing her!
As she slowly starves to death tonight, some doctors suggest that she is feeling no pain. Considering how little we know about the brain, even in the venerable year 2005, I don’t know how the hell they can make that claim. At the very least, she can feel herself drying up, becoming a human husk, dehydrated because the doctors and the judges have resolved to let her starve. Starving is not a pleasant way to go, no matter what they say. Sure, she may completely blackout for the final death toll. Maybe when her stomach acids break through the lining and her organs digest themselves she won’t have to feel it, but I think it’s just a little patronizing to make the claim that “SHE WON’T FEEL A THING.”

I even question the extent of her brain damage. Just because she suffers from brain damage doesn’t mean her life is somehow less valuable. I admit, I don’t know how they’ve quantified her brain damage and how they’ve come to the conclusion that she is just a brainless living body---which is how she is constantly presented in the news. How can they really know that there is nothing in there? The family said that when the doctors removed her feeding tube, she tried to talk, to tell them she didn’t want to die. Good Lord that would be Horrifying.

I think the worst part of it is that no one has the nerve to just give her a nice painless death. How is it humane to kill through willfully starving someone? At least own up to what you’re doing. You’re killing someone and watching them die. At least when we do that to kids in third world countries we can at least make the excuse that “They’re too far away.” Do it right and do it well or you’re all Bastards.


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